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There are generally two groups when it comes to vaping - cloud chasers and flavour chasers. If you fall into the latter category or just want to ramp up how much flavour you get out of your juice, we’ve got a few tips to help you out. With a world of e-liquids to try, many of them having complex and unique flavour profiles, you’ll get more out of them by making a few tweaks. You don’t need to sacrifice those big clouds either - you’ll still get a great vapour payoff just with more of that taste you’re looking for.

Browse the widest range of e-liquid in the UK by flavour. With over 2500 varieties, we have e-liquids spanning the whole flavour list from tobacco and menthol through to more unique flavour blends. One of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping is trying all the different flavours of vape liquid available. Discover your new favourite today from our best e liquid flavours list.

7 Ways to Get More Flavour From Your E-liquids


1. Vaper’s tongue

Vaper’s tongue, also known as vaper’s fatigue, is a strange phenomenon - the result of overexposure of the taste and smell senses. Vaper’s tongue manifests as a feeling of a thick coating on the tongue and the inability to taste properly. There are a few ways to cure vaper’s tongue, the easiest remedies being:

Drink more water - dehydration results in less saliva production and we need saliva to taste properly.

Reduce the amount of coffee or tea you’re drinking - these are diuretics and they will dehydrate you.

Tongue scrape - remove any residue that may be inhibiting your taste buds.

Space your vape - don’t chain vape as you can overwhelm your senses, not to mention burn through your e-liquid faster than you planned. If you need more nicotine hits, consider raising the level of nicotine in your e liquid so you don’t have to vape more frequently to experience the same hit.

2.Check the VG:PG ratio of your e liquid

If you don’t think your e liquid is giving you the intense flavour hit that you were expecting, check out the VG:PG ratio.

VG (vegetable glycerin - used in many food and pharmaceutical products) is what gives you the dense vape clouds, which whilst fun to hide behind, aren’t conducive to a full flavour experience. PG (propylene glycol - found in everything from fizzy drinks to prescription drugs) gives you a better flavour hit as well as better throat hit. For more info, check out our comprehensive beginner’s guide to vaping.

But basically, PG is thinner in consistency, more easily absorbed by the wick and best of all, it is flavourless, so it won’t mask or overpower the flavour of your chosen e liquid, unlike VG. VG has its own sweet flavour, so if you’re vaping anything other than sweet e liquids, the flavours could be working against each other, resulting in you not tasting the full flavour of your e liquid.

Opt for a minimum of 50% PG for max e liquid flavour.

3. Switch up your E- liquids

If you have a preferred e liquid that you vape all the time it could be that you’re experiencing the vaper’s fatigue that we touched upon in the first point. In which case, to reset your taste buds, explore our range of flavours and give your taste buds a holiday.

Otherwise you’ll have to think about increasing the PG level of your chosen e liquid in order to enhance the e liquid flavour. But if you’ve found a set up that works for you, tinkering with it isn’t always preferable.

4. Think about how you’re storing your e liquid

E liquids are sensitive to heat and light, these two factors can alter the chemistry of the e liquid, degrading the flavours over time. If you aren’t vaping your e liquids straight away, ensure they’re kept somewhere cool and dark to slow the degradation right down. And no, e liquids don’t last forever, they do have an expiration date.

5. Change your coils

If you use a vape mod, then you might need to change out your coil if your e liquid has lost its flavour. If you have a higher VG level e liquid, this means that your e liquid is more viscous, coating your coils and reducing their life expectancy.

Most people can get away with changing coils once per month, but you might need to change yours more frequently.

6. Clean your device

If you haven’t cleaned your device for a while, this could be the answer to your lack of flavour. When you vape regularly, you get a buildup of deposits and gunk and this in turn can reduce the flavour of your e liquid.

So as well as changing the coils regularly, take your vape device apart once a week and give the tank a good clean out. Simply rinse it under warm water and let it air dry or pat it dry with a sheet of kitchen towel.

7. Consider upgrading your device

If you are on a disposable vape then you might want to think about purchasing a higher powered device like a sub ohm vape device that will give you a more intense vape flavour. Or if you have a single coil set up, you might want to consider upping the ante to a double coil. Or how about replacing the plastic e liquid tank with a glass one? Or investing in a newer, more modern atomiser.

What device is best suited for which vape juice?

As mentioned above, vape juices come in three different varieties. They are; Freebase 50/50, Nic Salts and High VG 70/30. We will break down which device is best suited for each of them below;

Freebase 50 :50 Vape Juice – A simplistic device like a pen style vape, or pod system would be best suited to use for Freebase vape juice. These devices can be used for Mouth to Lung Vaping and replicate the sensation of smoking quite well.

Nic Salts – Similar to Freebase, using a pen style or pod system vape device is what most vapers tend to go for. This is because these are low powered device and do not need to be ran at a high wattage to give a satisfying hit due to Nic Salts giving a stronger nicotine kick.

High VG Vape Juice – This juice is a high mix of VG to PG, making it a lot more thicker than normal 50/50 vape juices so they will need to be used with a sub ohm vape kit with high power output to be able to heat the liquid and create large clouds of vapour.

Types of E-Juice Flavours


1. Tobacco

Almost every e-liquid manufacturer has a tobacco flavoured juice in their line-up of tastes. Since ex-smokers are looking to replicate the taste and experience of smoking a cigarette, it makes sense that this would be a prominent taste. Some e-juices use the essence of real tobacco as a flavouring, while others use a flavourist to blend natural and synthetic tastes to get the taste of tobacco. This taste can be blended with others to make a unique concoction or on their own replicating a specific strain of tobacco.

2. Single Flavour Juices

These can range from fruity tastes to cookies to coffee. The one consistent is that there is a single taste profile. These can be vaped on their own or mixed with other vape juice flavours to create a more customized taste for the user.

3. Multiple Flavour E-juices

Things can get very interesting when there is a mix of different tastes that recreate some type of food or beverage or something completely out of the blue. Strawberry milkshake with vanilla. Cinnamon Buns. Cotton Candy. The sky’s the limit for the many variations that can be achieved by blending different types of flavours. No matter the type of taste or the quality of the ingredients, the tastes that people are looking for vary, and one may not suit everybody.

4. Minty & Menthol E-Liquid Juice

Minty e-liquids are a popular choice for many vapers, and Blackstone Labs has a wide selection to choose from. From refreshing peppermint to creamy spearmint, there’s a minty e liquid flavour to suit every taste.

5. Fruit E-Liquid Juice

Fruit flavours are another popular choice, and Blackstone Labs has a vast array of options to choose from. From classic options like strawberry and blueberry, to more exotic flavours like mango and guava, there’s something to satisfy every fruit e liquid vaping fanatic.

6. Sweet E-Liquid

For those with a sweet tooth, Our premium sweet e-liquids offer a range of delicious options. From classic treats like chocolate and vanilla, to more creative flavours like cotton candy and cookies and cream, there’s something to satisfy every sweet craving.

Vape Juice Ingredients :

What goes in is what comes out. The best e-liquids are made with high-quality ingredients for maximum taste and quality vaping.
Here is what vape juice is made out of:

1. Vegetable Glycerin 

Commonly called VG, vegetable glycerine is a non-toxic colourless liquid made from vegetables and sugar. It is a thick, viscous liquid. Besides e-juices, VG is found in various food products and is safe to consume.

2. Propylene glycol

Commonly called PG, it is a type of alcohol found in many foods and medicines, mainly to keep them moist. Also safe to consume.

3. Flavorings 

About 10% of the volume of an e-juice is made up of food-grade additives that give e-liquids their flavor. Since VG and PG are odorless and flavorless, the flavoring agents make the e-juice taste the way it does.

4. Nicotine 

Not all e-liquids contain it, but people that are trying to quit smoking like having nicotine in their e-juice to satisfy the craving. Generally, they try to wean off it, which is why there are 0 mg nic juices also available.

90% of the liquid is either PG or VG or a blend of the two. Then the rest is made up of the flavorings and nicotine if it is an ingredient.

How to Choose Vape Juice?

There are many things to consider when choosing vape juice.

1. First, what flavour should you buy?

There are all sorts of flavours, the most common being tobacco, candy, fruit, and dessert. Tobacco is very popular among former smokers, but many fantastic fruit and dessert flavors exist. Make a list of flavors you like and search for them in vape stores.

2. The next thing to choose is the nicotine concentration.

People who just quit cigarettes should choose 25 to 50 mg concentrations. But those not dependent on nicotine can get concentrations as low as 3 mg. There is also non-nicotine vape juice for those who never smoked or want to kick their nicotine addiction.

3. Throat his is another thing to consider.

It shows nicotine’s throat irritation, but smokers find it satisfying. The best throat hit is to choose a mouth-to-lung vape and a 50 mg 50/50 VG/PG salt nicotine juice. Those who do not want a throat hit should buy a direct-to-lung box mod and tank with a low concentration juice with 70/30 or high VG/PG.

4. Another consideration is the vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol ratio (VG/PG).

50/50 liquids are sweeter, are suitable for tight cig-a-like draws, and provide better throat hits. 60/40 liquids and higher are for vapes with open airflow and high resistance coils that produce immense clouds.

PG and VG: Which is the Best?

The primary base solution in e-liquid is either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerine (VG). PG provides more taste but produces less vapor. VG is more viscous and has a slightly sweet taste – thus muting the flavour somewhat – but produces massive vapor clouds.

We have prepared a guide to PG vs. VG for those who want to dig deeper into the topic. Check out this page to learn more. A common VG to PG ratio is 70:30, and many users are satisfied with the flavour and the amount of vapor this mix produces. However, some people may be allergic to PG. If you find yourself itching, getting hives, or having difficulty breathing after vaping on a PG e-juice, you might need to acquire a VG blend or at least e-liquid with a mix ratio of 80% VG and 20% PG. Here’s a brief comparison of the benefits of each type of e-liquids.

Multibuy Offers

At Blackstone Labs, even the E-liquids with a higher price point are made more accessible thanks to our fantastic multibuy offers. This includes: 

3 shortfill 60ml E-liquids for £25 :- Get 3 Bottles 60ml of these vape liquids for just £25

3 shortfill 120ml e-liquids for £30 :- Get 3 Bottles 120ml of these vape liquids for just £35

Box of 10 bottles 10ml for  £25 :- Get 10 Bottles 10ml E-liquids for just £25 

Box of 5 bottles 10ml Nic salts for  £15 :- Get 5 Bottles 10ml Nic salts E-liquids for just £15



Picking your first e liquid or your next favourite isn’t hard when you know how. The best thing to do is learn a little more about E-liquid, which is where our ultimate guide to e-liquid Get More Flavours comes in handy. You can also contact our dedicated customer service team. Available by phone, e-mail and webchat, they have the latest information on e liquids and are always happy to make recommendations based on their expert knowledge.

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